Pastor Application

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Pastoral Application

The pastoral application contains policy statements that apply to all professional church leaders:
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    Leadership Covenant of Ethical Behavior
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    A Confession of Our Common Faith
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    Self-Disclosure and Release Form

    Next Steps

  1. 1

    Contact A Coach

    Contact a Church Ministry Coach/Staff who will assist you in the process of application, focusing your ministry objectives, examining your resume, gifts for ministry and personal preferences.

  2. 2

    Search Process

    Our team at Aspire will discuss opportunities and the search process.

  3. 3

    Self Assessment

    Consider your ministry strengths and how these match with those churches seeking a pastor.

  4. 4

    Formal Response

    Once we receive a completed packet of information, we determine the best way to respond. We may make contact with one or more of your references, and we may set up a structured telephone interview with you.

Let's Get Started!

If you are interested in serving in one of our churches, please complete and return the Pastoral Application Form Below!